Hamlet in the Twenty-First Century – Agrégation anglais 2024

Yan Brailowsky
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This collection contains new scholarly work on Hamlet, Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. Chapters discuss many of the most debated issues relating to the play, including its textual cruxes, its language and publication history, and its place in literary history. It offers extended analyses of key notions such as poison, nature, gender, and politics, and includes a section devoted to early modern and contemporary performances and adaptations, on stage and on screen, providing a complete picture of what the play has to offer to contemporary critics and thinkers. Hamlet continues to function as a key Shakespearean text of study and analysis: it plays a key role in Western thought and aesthetics, and has influenced our understanding on mankind and modernity. Written by well-known Shakespeare critics, this collection will prove essential for students, scholars, and readers looking for a comprehensive overview and introduction to the key issues, questions and debates that Hamlet inspires.

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